Industrial Vacuuming

Our Industrial Vacuuming services include:

Steel Mills - cooling ponds, water treatment plants, sumps, storm and sanitary sewers.

Paper Mills - pulp, wood chips, liquor, cooling towers, general cleaning, storm and sanitation sewers.

Chemical Plants - rail cars, tankers, storage tanks, transfer pumpers, clarifer, sumps, storm and sanitary sewers.


In addition, our services include:

Flyash, roof, economizer hoppers, duct work, pent house, boiler floors, boiler sumps, id fan house, coal spills, crusher and conveyors, ceiling and beam cleaning, brine tanks, storage silos, pot cleaning, water storage tanks, waste treatment plant cleaning, and any type of sump or pit.


Contact Us

Toll-Free: 1-866-977-1162
Montgomery: 334-279-6533
Prattville: 334-361-6191
Wetumpka: 334-567-6560
Birmingham: 205-991-6969 |  205-978-3636
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